Fresh on the Bluff

Garlic and Garlic Scapes

Hidden Acres Orchards 509-238-2830

We have no-spray Artichoke garlic (10 month shelf life) and seed garlic available, we also offer our Artichoke garlic in braids. Check out our FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and/or WEBSITE for more info. Open everyday 9-5! We accept: cash, debit/credit, EBT and/or trade. We’re #5 on the Green Bluff Growers map. NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED.


Sunshine Farm – 509.904.5731

Sunshine Farm has hardneck garlic and garlic scapes for a limited time.

Call 509.904.5731  and check availability


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Hot Zesty Killarney Red Garlic and tender scapes!