#58 Sunset Orchard on Green Bluff

We’re Picking Pumpkins, Pears, Apples, and finishing off Veggies and Peaches! OPEN EVERY DAY 8AM-5PM.

30+ Varieties of Pumpkins from tiny to giant, eat it or carve it!
30+ Varieties of Apple for eating and baking!
3 Varieties of Pear for eating and canning
20+ Varieties of Tomatoes and Peppers for all your cooking needs
Huckleberries, Cider, Veggies and a great time in nature!

Spread the word, the Fall Festival is here! Help support your local farmer where you can count on your finger the number of people that touched your produce!

Bring a Mask, Sanitize, Don’t touch anything you’re not buying, and most important, enjoy the safe distancing by being in nature picking out your decorations and treats!


8110 E Greenbluff Rd. Colbert, Washington, WA 99005
(509) 954-2692  SUNSET ORCHARD
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Welcome to Sunset Orchard! This mature orchard has a plethora of U-Pick and Farmer Picked fruits, vegetables and berries. Here on Sunset Orchard you’ll discover CHERRIES in July, PEACHES  / APPLES/ VEGETABLES in August, APPLES / PEARS / PUMPKINS in September – October, and CHRISTMAS TREES / WREATHS after Thanks Giving. 

APPLES Ambrosia (Mid-Late Season) Sweet, soft Crunch Auvil (Early Fuji) (Mid Season) Sweet Honeyed Flavor Aztec Fuji(Late Season) Sweet Honeyed Flavor Cameo (Mid Season) Sweet and Crisp Cosmic Crisp (Mid-Late Season) Sweet/Tart Crisp.Gala (Mid-Late Season) Sweet Honeyed FlavorGolden Delicious (Late Season) Sweet, Honeyed Flavor (Firm and Crisp unlike store bought) Granny Smith (Very Late Season) Sharp, Tart Flavor Gravenstein (Mid Season) Sweet, Sharp Flavor Honeycrisp *Planted 2017, Fruiting 2020* (Mid-Late Season) Sweet-Sharp, Honeyed Flavor Jonaprince (Late Season) Sweet/TartJonathan (Late Season) Sweet, Sharp Flavor Lodi (Early Season) Sharp Flavor McIntosh (Early and Late Season) Sweet, Sharp Honeyed FlavorPink Lady (Late Season) Sweet/Tart Red Delicious (Mid to Late Season) Sweet Flavor Rome Beauty (Late Season) Sweet, Sharp Flavor Red Ruben (Late Season) Sweet/ Tart DessertSpartan (Late Season) Sweet, Sharp, Honeyed Flavor like McIntosh Sweet Sixteen (Mid-Late Season) Sweet Tydeman Red (Early to Mid Season) Sweet, Sharp, Honeyed Flavor like McIntoshYellow Transparent (Early Season) Tart and Crisp Zestar (Early Season) Sweet Crisp APRICOTS Apricot (Aug) Great for Canning  CHERRIES Bing (July) Firm Sweet and Juicy Chelan (Late June – July) Firm, Sweet and Juicy Lambert (July – Early Aug) Firm, Sweet and Juicy Morello Pie (Late June – July) Best for Cooking! Rainier (Late June – Early Aug) Firm, Sweet and Smooth Van (Late June – July) Firm, Sweet and Juicy  PEACHES Peach (Late Aug) Firm, Sweet and Juicy. PEARS Bartlett (Late Aug – Sept) Firm, Smooth and Juicy. Best Canning Pear Starkrimson (Aug – Winter) Best eating Pear PLUMS Italian Prunes (July – Aug) Santarosa (July – Aug)