Blooms on the Bluff – Mother’s Day Weekend

Come on up for Blooms on the Bluff with beautiful flowers, plants, fresh air, and fun. The trees are blooming, the weather is wonderful, and it is a great opportunity to get out of the house, go for a drive and get ready for spring and summer.

Photo by Lisa Beckman

Strawberry Celebration – June/July

Come up to the bluff for Strawberry Celebration to pick our delicious strawberries. We have chosen two weekends where our strawberries are traditionally in their prime. Bring the kids and pick to your heart’s content.

Photo by Francine Mihalasky

Cherry Season – July

Cherry Season is a time of family fun for all! Our tree ripened cherries will be available during these weekends and throughout the week while the fruit is ripe. Check out our annual Cherry Pickers’ Trot.

Photo by Lisa Beckman

Peach Season – August

Celebrate one of our greatest treasures – big, juicy, tree-ripened peaches during the Peach Season. Peach ice-cream, cobbler, cakes, or pies – no matter how you slice them, our peaches are delicious.

Photo by Mark Mihalasky

Apple Festival – September/October

Our popular Apple Festival is held over several weekends offering a large variety of the best cooking apples, plus fresh pressed cider and other produce. There’s live music, craft booths, corn and straw mazes, and great food for the whole family to enjoy.

Holiday Memories – November/December

Create your own family tradition with a trip to Green Bluff to cut your own Christmas tree and take pictures with Santa. Select gifts of fresh fruits, unique food items, candy, and wine. There is fun for all during Holiday Memories time on the Bluff!

Photo by Lisa Beckman